Shelter In Place Cat Update

Here at KittyCorner, our furbabies are practicing “sheltering in place,” but mostly they refuse to comply with the “social distancing” mandate – LOL! Here, we have Lexi, Bug and Guinness in a “kitty pile,” with Camaro in the foreground. And there is yet another unidentified black cat in the chair next to the kitty pile. Across the room from this … Read More

Our Covid-19 Statement

We’re receiving policy statements from all sorts, of businesses and organization so we thought you might want to know about KittyCorner’s policies in these worrisome times. First, it’s safe to pet and cuddle with your pets. According to the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, “There is no evidence that dogs or other pets can contract or spread COVID-19.” This is … Read More

Guest Post: Feral Cats – What to Do If They Live Near You

  By Micaiah Catherine Jean Borchers Chances are if you live in a rural or even suburban environment, you live close to feral cats – skittish, roughened wild cats that may look like they need some human help, only to run away when approached. These cats aren’t tame and in no way willing to be a house cat and are … Read More