Our Favorite Links

SANS is a non-profit clinic devoted to the sterilization of unowned cats & dogs (shelter animals, feral cats) and pets belonging to low income persons.

Its mission is to change the world for homeless and “at risk” cats in Central New York…four paws at a time

An organization dedicated to saving stray and ferals cats one by one.

A local organization that helps to rescue, foster, sterilize and adopt out cats.

A non-profit organization that also helps stem animal over-population by spaying and neutering and by providing veterinary health care to companion animals in need; SOS was helpful in founding SANS.

For someone looking for a pet to adopt.

For information about pedigreed cats, health or behavior issues.

For the best cat pictures on the web, and lots of other cat links.

For information on feral (wild) cats.

Excellent resources from the Cornell University Feline Health Center.

Resource Guide: Raise a Cat on a Budget

Tree House’s Guide to Humane Cat Care – A beginner’s guide to cat ownership.

Kitten Today – tips, tricks, advice and more on kittens.

We wholeheartedly recommend Printing Center USA.  They do great work, and provide wonderful service before and after the sale.

Joy started her business in the middle of 2016.  She’s become a trusted kitty sitter for families throughout the Syracuse area!