Our adoption form is at the bottom of this page. Please read the information below before filling out the form!

Even though our facility is closed for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still doing adoptions via video conferencing. Please see the info below.

Why We Ask So Many Nosy Questions …

At KittyCorner, we have two goals: To place each cat in the best possible home for that particular animal. We live with these cats in our home and we come to love them as our own. We want them to go only to people who will love them and care for them as we do. Otherwise we will spend the rest of our lives worrying about them. Since most people who fill our application are strangers to us, we need to feel comfortable that they will be able to provide the kind of home our cats require. Furthermore, different cats require different kinds of living situations in order to be happy. Some are happier as single cats, for instance, while others prefer companions or playmates. Refusal to adopt a particular cat to any person is in no way an indication that we feel that person would be a bad pet-owner — only that we feel the situation may not be the best for that particular cat. To find the best possible cat for the person or family wishing to adopt. People have many different expectations when they decide to take in a cat as a pet. Some like a cuddly lap-cat, while others prefer a more independent one. Or you may want a playful cat, while others want one who is calm and relaxed. You need to choose a cat with the personality traits you admire, and avoid the personality traits that bother you. We know our cats well, and although we can’t always predict how they will act when they reach your home, we can steer you away from those cats which we feel are not suitable for your lifestyle.

For these reasons, we ask you a lot of questions on our application. We also ask that you come to our home so that you can meet the cats in a more natural setting and get to know them before any adoption is finalized. Please be patient with us. We want everyone — you, us, and especially the cat — to be happy for many years to come.

NOTE: Please do not submit an application to adopt a cat unless you are currently READY to adopt.  We can’t hold cats indefinitely because someone is moving, renovating or going on vacation in a few weeks or is required by their landlord to get written permission first.  We don’t mind holding cats for a few days if people need time to pick up a few supplies, or if the cat needs to complete vet care on our end; but one week maximum, please.

Please note before filling out: If you do not give us an email address or phone number we will be unable to contact you about your application.