About Us

Who We Are, and What We Do…

We are “cat rescuers”–volunteers who provide shelter, veterinary care and a chance for a new life in a loving home — for cats who have been abandoned or who never had a home at all due to the overwhelming number of homeless pets. Our first priority is to spay or neuter any cat who is old enough. We also provide vaccinations and any other veterinary care, and work to overcome behavior or emotional problems when necessary so that the cat will be a happy, adoptable pet.

We are NOT a shelter. We are “foster caretakers” who live with the cats in our own homes. The foster cats live in small groups in different areas of the house so that stress is kept to a minimum and disease can be more easily prevented. We are all volunteers and 100% of every donation is used for the care of the cats.

When each cat is ready for adoption, we try to match it with the person or family for whom it is best suited. The happiness of the cat and its new “people” is our first priority. In the last few years, we have taken in hundreds of cats and placed almost all of them in caring, responsible homes. Our policy on feral (wild) cats is to spay or neuter them and release them back into their own territory with neighborhood “feeders” who insure that fresh food, water and shelter are always available.

We can’t make a dent in the terrible homeless cat problem by ourselves, but we can help a few cats at a time. You can help too. Please spay or neuter your pet. If you have some spare room and lots of compassion, become a cat rescuer yourself. There are a few of us out there, but never enough.

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More About KittyCorner of CNY, Inc.

KittyCorner of CNY, Inc is supported entirely by contributions and we couldn’t operate at all without the many kind-hearted supporters who each help in a very big way with small donations. KittyCorner is a not-for-profit organization. All contributions are very greatly appreciated, and go directly toward the support and veterinary care of the cats.

Why is KittyCorner so special?