Shelter In Place Cat Update

Here at KittyCorner, our furbabies are practicing “sheltering in place,” but mostly they refuse to comply with the “social distancing” mandate – LOL! Here, we have Lexi, Bug and Guinness in a “kitty pile,” with Camaro in the foreground. And there is yet another unidentified black cat in the chair next to the kitty pile.

Across the room from this multi-cat pile-up, we see Mel cuddling with his new girlfriend, Leanna.  He’s such a “ladies-man!”

Meanwhile, my Siorai (SHEE-ree) IS complying with the social distancing requirement, as are Talia and Daisy.

They wanted to tell everyone that they hope you all stay safe and well during this difficult time and they want to thank you for your interest, concern and support.

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