21 Kittens So Far

Mixed news – we’re currently helping out with a cat hoarding situation.  21 kittens recovered so far!  If you know anyone who may want a kitten, now is the perfect time to fill out our adoption form.  Also, if you can donate even just a few dollars, or an hour of your time, please contact us immediately.  We’d appreciate it!

Budgets – Past, Present, And Future

Kitty Corner operates on a shoestring budget.  Every dollar – heck, every penny – donated by concerned citizens like yourself is important.  Take a look: TOTAL BUDGET ACTUAL 2016  $32,704.00 BUDGETED  $33,000.00 VET  $20,500.00 LITTER  $2,161.00 FOOD  $4,235.00 SUPPLIES  $1,200.00 EQUIPMENT  $1,200.00 AD& PROMO  $2,000.00 CHIPS  $300.00 TESTS  $960.00 POSTAGE  $148.00 Founders Linda and Deb make up for overages out … Read More