Guest Article: Feline UTI Checklist

By Laura Ramirez A feline urinary tract infection symptom can go unnoticed if you’re not careful. It can also be fatal if left untreated for a long time. The sadder fact is, it’s a pretty common occurrence among domesticated cats. Feline UTI has a variety of causes and symptoms. This article aims to provide a checklist of the most common … Read More

Bark In The Park Funding

By: Linda Young Bark—and Meow—in the Park-2019 was held on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27. Fans were allowed to bring their dogs for an admission of $5, with the proceeds donated to area animal rescues and shelters. KittyCorner received a special invitation because one of the sponsors, Tito’s Vodka, was giving special awards of $2,500 to five rescue/sheltering organizations including … Read More