Guest Article – 5 Benefits of Raising Pets With Children

5 Benefits of Raising Pets With Children By Holly Gough Pets Are Constant Companion Your child is bound to get bored and lonely. This happens most when you are raising a single child. However, having a pet around helps your child to have a constant companion in the house. Pets also can match the energy and excitement level of a … Read More

Introduce Yourself!

Feel free to leave a post below to introduce yourself to other fans of KittyCorner.  Tell us about yourself, and how you found out about KittyCorner.

Poll – are you attending our fundraiser?

We won’t hold you to it, but we’re just trying to get an idea of how many people might be attending our fundraiser at Uno’s Grill in September. Where: 3974 NY-31, Liverpool, NY 13090 When: September 16th, noon to 8 PM [socialpoll id=”2451537″]

New Email Going Out Tomorrow

Thanks for your continued interest in Kitty Corner!  We’ve got a new email going out to our list tomorrow, chock full of interesting news.  We hope you’ll take a moment to read it!

21 Kittens So Far

Mixed news – we’re currently helping out with a cat hoarding situation.  21 kittens recovered so far!  If you know anyone who may want a kitten, now is the perfect time to fill out our adoption form.  Also, if you can donate even just a few dollars, or an hour of your time, please contact us immediately.  We’d appreciate it!

Budgets – Past, Present, And Future

Kitty Corner operates on a shoestring budget.  Every dollar – heck, every penny – donated by concerned citizens like yourself is important.  Take a look: TOTAL BUDGET ACTUAL 2016  $32,704.00 BUDGETED  $33,000.00 VET  $20,500.00 LITTER  $2,161.00 FOOD  $4,235.00 SUPPLIES  $1,200.00 EQUIPMENT  $1,200.00 AD& PROMO  $2,000.00 CHIPS  $300.00 TESTS  $960.00 POSTAGE  $148.00 Founders Linda and Deb make up for overages out … Read More


Kitty Corner will be having a fundraiser to Uno’s Pizzeria on Saturday, September 16th, and we need YOUR help! Please sign up at the link below. We’re looking for volunteers to spend an hour or so talking with visitors at the restaurant. Also, we get 20% of your total bill, but only if you use a special coupon. Signing up … Read More

Adoptions up in 2017

We’ve had an increase in adoptions in 2017, which, of course, helps us to help even more cats!  Thank you to all the people interested in adopting our kitties, and for the wonderful helpers and volunteers.