Budgets – Past, Present, And Future

Kitty Corner operates on a shoestring budget.  Every dollar – heck, every penny – donated by concerned citizens like yourself is important.  Take a look:

ACTUAL 2016  $32,704.00
BUDGETED  $33,000.00
VET  $20,500.00
LITTER  $2,161.00
FOOD  $4,235.00
SUPPLIES  $1,200.00
EQUIPMENT  $1,200.00
AD& PROMO  $2,000.00
CHIPS  $300.00
TESTS  $960.00
POSTAGE  $148.00

Founders Linda and Deb make up for overages out of their pockets.  Usually this means charging things on credit cards with very high rates.

We’re currently working on a budget for 2018.  We have three general goals for this year and next:

  • Better litter
  • Improved diet
  • Shelter enrichment

If everyone on our contact list contributed just $20, we’d have enough cash to cover the amount of our 2016 budget.  But our aim, after so many years of squeaking by, is to serve our charges better while they stay at Kitty Corner, and to help them find furrever homes.

To that end, we’re planning at least two fundraising activities in the second half of 2017.  You’ll also see additions and improvements here on the website, including a donation button.

Please bookmark our site and visit often.  Please tell your friends about us.  Please keep our kitties in your hearts!

2 thoughts on “Budgets – Past, Present, And Future”

  1. I agree and try to give on a somewhat regular basis. I’ll be retiring in the next year and hope to volunteer as well.

    Oh, and whichever one, Deb or Linda is climbing in the counter to tend to Kennedy’s issues, Stop It Right Now! Please find some other way to deal with this. It is too easy to lose your balance and one bad fall can put you out permanently. Who will take care of the kitties the?

  2. Thanks, Lin!
    I guess Kennedy agrees. She has moved from the top of the kitchen Cabinets. But we don’t know were she went! She flashes by now and then, so we know she’s okay; and sometimes she graces us with her presence at a meal, but we have no idea of her haunts in between. She’d better appear soon, We aren’t worried, but we’re sure puzzled!


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