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Feel free to leave a post below to introduce yourself to other fans of KittyCorner.  Tell us about yourself, and how you found out about KittyCorner.

5 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself!”

  1. My daughter attended Cornell and became a veterinarian there. She recommended you. I now support a cat and give it as a Christmas gift to our office manager Debbie. We live in Maryland now ( used to live in Ithaca) so cannot attend fundraisers.

  2. Hello! I came across Kitty Corner’s site as I was web-browsing during self-isolation. I admire the work that you do and am interested in helping out. I live in Cortland with my grumpy SPCA-rescue kitty, Penny.

  3. It’s great to have you here, Laura. Thanks for dropping by! Today, you can help us best by giving Penny a hug from us. While this virus is going around Kitty Corner has gone the self-isolation route themselves, and is pretty much shut down.

    Our kitties will take any measure of support they can get. If you’d like to help “with your wallet,” we have an Amazon wish list you can pick from. You can support us even more by telling folks we exist, and sharing our social media posts with your family, friends and neighbors.

    We’re thinking of having a virtual event in the near future, so sign up for our mailing list and get all the info!

  4. Hi. I used to volunteer at Kitty Corner on Tuesday evenings. One of those nights, I met Sammy and brought him home. He’s 14 now but still going strong. A few years ago I brought Vinny home too.
    I always suggest Kitty Corner when someone is looking for a furkid to join their family.


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