Guest Post: Valentine’s Day – Do You Treat Your Pets?

By Donna M Condliffe

It is true to say that our pets are part of the family and we are a nation of animal lovers. Statistics show us that 7.3 million people across the UK have a Dog or a Cat and in fact 43% of households have at least one furry, feathery or scaly friend. Did you know that almost 40% of people replace their partner with a pet!

Even when we go out food shopping – how many times have we spotted a doggy treat that we have added to our basket? So, when you are out shopping for Valentine’s Gifts – will you be shopping for your furry friend as well? Why not? They are loyal, loving, they don’t mind how you look, they’re never moody with you – their world revolves around you! (Oh and food and walkies and cuddles – but that’s not a lot to ask for is it!).

But what do you get your beloved pet for Valentine’s Day? Here are my top six gift ideas for your dog this Valentine’s Day:-

1) Glitzy Glam Heart Shaped Bowl – With so many ordinary bowls on the market, why not look for that special one. With a glam heart shaped bowl your dog (or cat) will feel like royalty eating out of it;

2) A Dog Collar. There are many cool designs to choose from such as collars with silver hearts or gorgeous sparkling Diamante Collars. High quality collars make the perfect gift whilst being totally practical at the same time;

3) A Dog T-Shirt, there are many on the market that can show how much you care such as “Hug, Laugh, Love” or ones with a Diamante Heart Design. T-Shirts are not just an extension of their owner – it has practical uses such as helping the shorter haired dogs keep warmer in this cooler weather;

4) A Diamante Heart Dog Charm – a perfect piece of bling to hang onto their collars;

5) Dog Clothes which make a statement such as “It’s All About Me”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Mr Perfect” or “Spoiled” – fun and functional;

6) Doggy Treats – rather than buy some – why not make your own natural and healthy (but equally yummy) treats for them to munch on! There are plenty of recipes to choose from and you can make ones that contain their favourite ingredients.

Whatever you decide to do for your dog on Valentine’s Day – be sure you give them plenty of love and attention!

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