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New Grant for Casual Estates

TNRKittyCorner is proud to announce that we have received a grant of $8325 from PetSmart Charities to institute a TNR program at Casual Estates, a mobile home park in Clay.

KittyCorner has always been a strong proponent of TNR--Trap Neuter-Return programs for feral cats.  With TNR, cats who are too wild to be adopted or kept 'indoors are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, then returned to the place they came from (their territory) with volunteers who feed and monitor the colony.   That means that the colony has zero population growth, and the numbers can only go down.  The alternative--trap and kill--doesn't work because, if all of the cats are removed,  it creates a vacuum.  As soon as a neighbor abandons a cat, or one is dropped off, the whole problem starts again.  But more often, trap and kill programs only get a few animals and the rest reproduce so rapidly that the population is replaced within a few months.  With TNR. once the colony is stabilized by altering all the cats, any new cats will be chased away because the colony wants to protect their food supply.

Spearheading the program are Ingrid Williams and Susan Romans, long-time KittyCorner volunteers who recognized a very serious problem and approached the park management about using TNR to reduice the population of feral cats, enforcing rules about making sterilization of pets mandatory (with affordable spay/neuter programs provided by local vets and other agencies.), and even getting a small donation from the park management to help cover the cost of vaccinations  In the first 3 months of the program , almost 100 cats and dogs have been fixed, with many more on the way.  This is just one example of the research-based, cutting-edge programs that KittyCorner is helping to bring to Central New York.



They are available for adoption or to a (temporary) foster home:

Foster or Adopt BeautyBeauty is truly an unusual cat.  He color is striking. sort of a tortoisehelle mixed with Siamese.    she is a loving lap cat with a magnificent purr.  So why hasn't she been adopted?  Beauty has a sensitivity to food.  She has to be on a prescription diet.  otherwise she gets diarrhea and can't make it to the litter box.  But as long as she stays on her special prescription diet, she does just fine.  Sadly, she has to be kept in  a small bathroom so that she doesn't eat the wrong food.  She's so lonely.  All she wants is a family to love her.  To help with the food costs, you can bring Beauty home  with NO ADOPTION FEE.   See more about Beauty here.




Foster or Adopt SolomanSoloman is a friendly, affectionate cat.  He was left behind in an apartment when the tenant moved, and he was pretty malnourished when he arrived.  It affected his digestive system, so he needs a special prescription diet to keep his diarrhea in check.  He is good about using his litter box.  The problem is, we have to keep him confined in a large enclosure so that he won't eat the wrong food, so he only sees people when they go to visit him and he is so lonely.  To help with food costs, we are asking NO ADOPTION FEE for this very special cat.  To read more about Soloman, click here.


To Adopt or foster Soloman or beauty, please fill out our adoption application. For more information, please contact us.


Our Award-Winning Mewsletter!

AwardWe received a letter from the Interna-tional Cat Writer’s Association informing us that our “KittyCorner Mews” had won an "Excellence" Award. We were also invited to their 18th annual conference in White Plains, NY. There, to our sur-prise, the “KittyCorner Mews” was awarded a "Muse Medallion," one of the highest awards they give. The judge’s comments were “This is clever and humorous. It contains relevant infor-mation from the perspective of a rescuer. Well done.”
I had never really thought of myself as a writer, but the authors of some of my favorite books and articles have received this same award.

While we were in White Plains, we at-tended some excellent seminars on writ-ing and publishing, and even some of the latest news in veterinary medicine. They also had hourly shuttles to the West-chester Cat show, where we did some holiday shopping for our kitties. Oddly enough, we couldn't bear to watch the cat judging. We missed our own cats too much. A special "thank you" to our vol-unteers, who took care of them while we were away.

We met some wonderful people at the conference, with very familiar names because I have read what they have writ-ten in magazines, newspapers, or books. Their goals are not just to entertain, but to educate people about cats. As rescu-ers, that goal is right up our alley.


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